Terex Titan

This is me standing in front of the Terex Titan, September 2003.

If you are travelling past the town of Sparwood in BC, Canada, you can't miss the Terex Titan sitting beside the No.3 Highway.

At the time it was unveiled in Las Vegas in 1976 it was the biggest truck in the world. It has a payload of 350 tonnes and a gross weight of 600 tonnes. It was powered by 169.5 litre EMD locomotive engine producing 3,000hp at 900rpm.

From Las Vegas it was moved to an open cast mine in California and then in 1978 it was shipped to Kaiser Resources Balmer Mine at Sparwood in British Columbia.

In 1990 the Elk View Operation decided to dispose of the Titan, regularly overloaded with loads of up to 500 tonnes had taken their toll and after no buyer was found, the truck was to be scrapped. The town of Sparwood stepped in and it was then transported to a permanent display area where it now sits.