Gallery :

A collection of tractors and machines working around Norfolk and Suffolk - mainly from our family contracting business.

Harvest 2016
Harvest 2013
Harvest 2012 Harvest 2012
Big A Spreaders
Roadless J17 Crawler
Fertiliser Speading in the 1970s
Misc Tractors that we ran in the '70s, '80s & '90s

Misc Tractors from the '50s & '60s
Gyrotilling in the 1940s/50s
Clayton Crawler
Fowler 1920s Fowler Diesel Motor Tackle
Photos from Gawdy Hall Estate in the '50s
JD 8430 Mole Draining
Moling Hardwick Airfield
Moling & Subsoiling
IH 2+2s "Snoopy"
Ploughing at Tivetshall
Ladies' Tractor Road Run 2008
MF 2775
DENTILL - a celebration of bygone farming tradition Denton
Terex Titan
Massey Line-Up !
Machinery Graveyard !
MF 148
MF 1505
MF Combines
Custom Harvesters
MF 9240
MF 1135
MF 1150
Past Tractors
Old Cat Recovery Old Cat Recovery
Case Steam Engine
Versatiles Verastiles Come to Norfolk
Track Marshalls Track Marshalls
Chevrolet Truck Chevrolet Truck
Ford 5000 Ford 5000
The Pea Harvest The Pea Harvest
Claas Matador Claas Matador
MF726 MF 726
Challenger 33 Fowler Challenger
Sprayer Sprayers - home made and Leyland Conversion
Cat D7E Cat D7E
MF595 MF 595
MF1200s MF1200s at work
Cat D8 Cat D8 Agricultural
Cat D8 Cat D8 Industrial
Lorries - old and new
Broken Down / Workshop Projects
Rotaped Rotaped Drainer
The Fendt The Fendt
Half-track and discs Half-track and discs
MF1080 MF1080
Double Nuffield Double Nuffield
Nuffields Nuffields at work